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Modular Ruins - Blue Roof

A close look at the details of a modular environment.

Modular Ruins - Avenue

There are several wall variants.

Modular Ruins - God Rays

Some assets are designed so that they can be broken apart and scattered like debris.

Modular Ruins - Avenue 2

Decals are used to break up repetition.

Modular Ruins - Foliage

Foliage with Subsurface Scattering in Unity!

Modular Rails

Procedural wood material made in Substance Designer.

Japanese Asset Pack

An asset pack I designed for a uni project. Mid-poly models with high-detail textures!

Smart Ski Goggles 3D Render

An asset made for a UX project, with realistic render.


A poster I made for the University of Gloucestershire's 2019 web conference.

3D Level - Project Pestilentia

3D Animation Showreel - 3DS Max


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