Samuel Lord


Mobile: 07398169686

I am a motivated 3D Artist with a keen interest in environment design!

My passion for creating environments has been largely inspired by games like those from the Dark Souls and Legend of Zelda franchises. I have a deep interest in creating high quality assets that integrate clever design principles, such as trim sheets, modularity, and decals. My individual research proposal discussed the use of modularity in games and the importance of avoiding art fatigue. The proposal explained how repetitive elements of design often cause the viewer to experience boredom; large parts of the environment are unchanging, due to tiling of textures and repeated geometry, causing disengagement to occur. The paper then goes on to explain methods that can be utilised to prevent such art fatigue from ever happening, such techniques as: use of decals, combining kits, accessories as decorative pieces, and so on.

My interests have also steered toward creation of technical art, such as shaders created using Unity's Shader Graph. I have designed my own procedural wood in Substance Designer, that can be adjusted to suit different mediums of art style. Although my abilities in technical art are limited, I am very much invested in the idea of continuing to grow my knowledge of it as an extra-curricular study.


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