Modular Ruins

This modular environment was designed as a practical element, to accompany a research proposal on effective methods of disrupting modular repetition. To challenge this issue, I addressed the best known methods according to academic and professional research. To test these methodologies, I created a modular environment that sought to utilise some of them.

I used Unity 2019 as the engine for testing the modular kit. I also utilised the High Definition Render Pipeline, which allowed me to make use of the Decal Projector, Prefab Instances, and a variety of additional useful features. It was imperative that I created a varied and practical modular kit, therefore I designed walls that fitted between arches and pillars, which meant that the walls/windows/doors were interchangeable without causing seams or tiling issues.

The use of decals with the decal projector meant I could mask repetitive elements as I saw fit. I used them on the floors and walls to create far more varied looking materials. In addition to decals, I also created foliage that could be painted onto surfaces to give the impression that it is climbing the architecture. One other significant element of the modular kit was in some objects being composed of broken up smaller objects, which aided in the creation of detritus and large chunks of rubble. 

Project Pestilentia - 3D Modular Tileset Showcase


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